About Us

Quick Risk Matrix was developed by risk professional, Peter Carr, to fill a gap in guidance and to provide a practical tool for risk matrix design.

After an early career in engineering, Peter came to specialize in risk assessment. He observed that most organizations use risk matrices for their qualitative risk assessments but hardly any organizations disclose the basis of the design of their matrices. Moreover, there is no clear guidance on how one should design a risk matrix, despite the fact that national and international standards strongly encourage their use.

During Peter's 30 years of practicing risk assessment, he had the opportunity to inspect many risk matrices. He found that most contained design errors such that higher quantitative risks would often receive lower qualitative ratings or vice versa. Even the largest multinational corporations and government organizations were not immune from these errors. Such errors, of course, mean that many risks are wrongly rated and hence receive the wrong level of management attention.

Quick Risk Matrix fills the gap in guidance by employing a technically sound methodology that is clearly explained in the program help file and also in these web pages. The program enables the methodology to be implemented quickly and easily and without any specialist knowledge of risk assessment.

Peter has a BEng (first class honors) from Sheffield University and an MSc from Imperial College, University of London. He is a UK chartered civil and structural engineer and Member of the American Society of Engineers. He has lived in the United States since 2001.

Peter provides consultancy services in risk assessment through his company E-P-Consult LLC ("EPConsult"), based in Houston, Texas.

Quick Risk Matrix is marketed by EPConsult under the trade name Riskfiniti.