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Quick Risk Matrix Premium | Every Available Feature

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The Premium edition has every available feature to support optimum risk matrix design. These include all the features of the Standard edition plus:

  • Option to define risk as expected disutility (rather than expected loss) to take into account user's level of aversion to events with severe consequences
  • Ability for user to manually override the program-determined risk matrix coloring 
  • Five algorithms for making the approximations inherent in the construction of a risk matrix (Fuzzy Interface, Round Up, Predominant Color, Geometric Center and Round Down)
  • Performance Simulator for benchmark testing of risk matrix designs
  • Color Vision Deficiency Simulator to show a person with normal vision how the risk matrix would appear to a person with one of the three common forms of color blindness
  • To supplement the main palette of 40 colors, a secondary color palette provides 16 additional colors selected to be distinguishable by persons with one of the three common forms of color blindness
  • Six export picture formats (PNG, JPG, PDF, BMP, GIF, TIFF)
  • Excel export option to generate an Excel workbook (.xlsx) with three worksheets containing, respectively, the risk matrix, the design basis for the risk matrix, and a risk register template linked by lookup formulas to the risk matrix