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What's a risk matrix?

Quick Risk Matrix Benefits

Create technically defensible risk matrices without specialist skills

Quick Risk Matrix uses a methodology that has been carefully developed to ensure that the resulting risk matrices will always be as accurate as possible, and you don't need to be a risk specialist to use the program.

Learn best practices for risk matrix design

National and international standards encourage the use of risk matrices but provide hardly any guidance on how to design them. Quick Risk Matrix leads the program user step-by-step through a design process based on current best practice. Using Quick Risk Matrix is a great way to learn about risk matrix design.

Access the experience of a risk professional

Quick Risk Matrix is developed by a risk professional, Peter Carr, based on 30 years’ experience of performing and facilitating risk assessments for some of the largest organizations in the world. Consultancy services are available if you need assistance with any aspect of risk management.

Improve your organization's management of risk

A poorly designed risk matrix can mistakenly assign inaccurate ratings to risks, resulting in the wrong risk management actions. Investing in Quick Risk Matrix facilitates optimum actions, saving money and even lives.

Save hours of time

Quick Risk Matrix is easy to use and fast. If you already know your risk tolerances, you can design a risk matrix in around 10 minutes.

Eliminate avoidable error

There's enough uncertainty in risk management already. Don't add more by using a badly designed risk matrix. See our blog articles for examples of common errors in risk matrix design.

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The Author


Quick Risk Matrix is a great tool where I can quickly and easily generate a risk matrix with a solid quantitative basis. The program ensures that the risk matrix is consistent with the underlying quantitative scale, which is adjustable and customizable. The customization options are numerous and useful. Also, the documentation and tutorials provide many helpful tips for creating good risk matrices. Overall, it's a great program for creating risk matrices and gives users flexibility to create risk matrices at the project, facility, and corporate level.

Rich MacNguyen, Risk Professional